Bristol Piano Man in Love

There is currently a man in Bristol, England that is playing his piano in public in order to declare his love for a woman and implore her to take him back. He was in 4 month relationship and says that “life got in the way” but that he is willing to show how much he loves her and express his deep affection by playing piano non-stop until he either collapses, is arrested, or is united with his lady love.

There are many ways one could look at this event: romantic, creepy, intriguing. At first I felt it was a bit creepy in that he just could/would not accept his lot and was ignoring the obvious wishes of his ex-girlfriend by staging such a display. “Get on with it” seems to reverberate in my mind at the beginning of the article.

After thinking about this for awhile I also tend to focus on the romantic side of the story which is that the power of love is such that a man would be willing to go beyond exhaustion to publicly declare his love and achieve the ‘ends of the earth’ in order to gain that which he desires more than anything on this earthly plain.

I definitely find it all very intriguing in that there are so many sides to consider, information that is missing, and a sense of wonder to attach to this entire display. This man has great tenacity to engage in such an act and I must respect the fact that he is willing to persevere to such an extent. In that sense, my hat goes off to this Englishman.