Ice Cream and Grandpa

Paramedics grant dying man’s final wish for caramel sundae

This news story made me think of the whimsical ways my late grandfather used to have.  My grandfather, Orlando Bartel was a great man in humble ways.  I could definitely see him becoming a quiet hero in such a way as this gentleman.

Grandpa also really like his ice cream.  I have many memories of him insisting on buying all his grandchildren ice cream at the lake saying, “it’s part of growing up to have your grandpa buy you ice cream at the lake”.  He would insist on paying for it despite the protests of my parents.  My grandmother would sit quietly but, enjoying watching her grandchildren sit beside their grandfather with big smiles on their faces as they looked out over the lake towards the setting sun with rays of twilights reflecting off of their ice-cream soaked faces.

My father now says the same thing when he is with his grandchildren at the lake (my two boys).  He insists on buying them ice cream even after my kids have already had too many sweets throughout their summer day.  He also insists it is their right as grandchildren and smiles as they decadently engorge themselves face-first into their icy treats.

My mother has a picture of our extended families silhouette, watching the sunset at Waskesui Lake.  I always imagine that we are holding ice cream in that picture and think of Grandpa Bartel.