I used to think that emoticons were silly. People who would send them were often using them to be annoying, all the whilst thinking they are funny.  But, I was generally annoyed and considered that people sending them were insincere and childish.  I also noticed that it was increasingly millennials that were using them in silly ways and they started to become a logo for laziness and lack of communication.

Smart phones have changed the way that people communicate. I used to think it was a bad thing.  People were conversing less when face to face, even to the point of sitting in front of each other and texting all the while.  And, texting is far less because there is no facial expression, body language, or vocal tone.  But now I see that there are more ways of communicating within text.  Emoticons gives us a new avenue to spread ideas.

Emoticons give expression and tone where there is none. They allow the texter to communicate their thinking and tone where there was none before.  Of course, it will never replace personal vocal communication but maybe texting with emoticons has it’s place in human communication.

I think more people should use emoticons when texting as it allows them to take a lifeless form of communication and give it substance.