Man Stands for Two Days Under a “P” at a Walmart Hoping to Sue

This is a shining example of what is insane and ridiculous in western civilization.  It brings to mind the infamous case of the woman that sued McDonald’s for serving hot coffee and not adequately warning her.

The sense of self-entitlement in this area of the world never fails to astound me.  The ridiculous thing about it is that he posted himself online with a direct claim as to what his intention were so he wouldn’t have won the case anyhow.  I almost wish it had all panned out so that his case could have become a precedent for how stupidity should not be awarded.  Although…what if he had won?

I think the fact that an instance such as this exists is a testament to the mentality of self-serving “me” culture that is present in our society today.  I could even see that if this had all panned out then likely there would be some type of movement supporting him as some insane folk hero fighting for the rights of the people in the face of the corporate giants.  Thus is the way of the world at times.