The Inexplicable, Predictable Events That Led to a Better World

The Inexplicable, Predictable Events That Led to a Better World


For years Timmy was shut down by the world. Everyone always had a place to be and a thing to do. Everything everyone did was only to set up something for a future or make up for a past. Timmy enjoyed playing with his teddy bear, listening to the birds sings and exploring. These two ways of thinking didn’t mix which created a perfect storm for the inexplicable but entirely predictable events that happened that day.

It is a little known fact that all children under the age of 5 have the power to cause things to self-destruct. Few people know this because almost no children ever take advantage of their power. They have no need to for their chief concerns are playing, listening to the world and exploring. Since that is generally what children are asked to do there is never any need for their raw power to be unleashed upon the world. But every now and then something happens that triggers the natural response of any 4.3 year old, the unleashing of the inexplicable but readily predictable nature of pre-5-year-old self-destruction.

What triggered Timmy that day you ask? Well, it all started with his teddy bear…

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