The Future of Devices is Coming

My mother emailed a link to this one a few days ago and I just couldn’t believe it.  I presumed it to be a hoax immediately.  My sister and mother have been having a back and forth conversation about it over the past week.  Check out the video and link below to judge for yourself.

I am not certain that people would accept this type of technology as some  people might find it “creepy” or inconvenient.  I know that I would not like the display as much as it would not be as clear and would like be less user friendly.  Also, I think that you would be limited to one-hand communication at that point and it would dynamically change the way you interface with your phone.  You would have to change how you interact with it in total which would make you re-evaluate how you interact with technology as a whole.

People like to adopt new things but usually innovation of existing technology in stages works best.  If you alter something in small increments or “generations” people are more likely to accept new technology.  When a completely new thing arrives people are often suspicious and somewhat scared, which limits them from adopting and accepting the change.

I think this new form of technology could revolutionize the tech world but this company needs to make major partnerships in the tech community, consider a tiered roll-out system with adoptable stages in order for people to accept.  Also…it better darn work too.

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